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Your Personal Health Record (PHR) is a handy, easy-to-understand summary of health-related activity — such as doctor visits, tests, treatments and prescriptions — gathered from and updated automatically from your claims activity. Information is provided and updated automatically from your claims activity and organized according to categories such as Names of Doctors, Medical Care and Prescription Drugs. You can also add your own information, such as over-the-counter medications, family history and conditions you don’t see a doctor for (such as back pain).

Once you become a registered member on Aetna Navigator, you will have access to your PHR. This secure, private, online resource makes it easy for you to view, access and manage your health information — and share it with your doctors. Just download and print your PHR and bring it with you when you visit the doctor. Remember, the information in your PHR is kept secure and confidential — and is not shared with Hospira.

Aetna Health Connections

Aetna Health Connections (PDF) provides education, counseling, self-care information and physician support to help participants manage 34 chronic conditions.

If you are identified for the program and decide to enroll, you'll:

  • Get the most appropriate treatment and preventive care for your individual needs
  • Understand how to follow your doctor’s treatment plan
  • Get counseling by registered nurses to help you recognize and manage the signs and symptoms of your condition.
  • Learn self-care tips to help you keep your condition under control and enjoy a healthier life.
  • Receive free booklets, videos, newsletters and other educational materials to help you understand your condition, use medications and special equipment, and avoid health problems.
  • Your doctor or employer can refer you to the program, or you can contact Member Services to get started.

Informed Health® Line

Informed Health Line gives you 24-hour, toll-free access to a team of registered nurses experienced in providing information on a variety of health topics. This valuable service can help you learn about health conditions and medical procedures, or to improve the way you communicate with your doctor.  View information on the Informed Health® Line (PDF) (217 KB)

Healthwise® Knowledgebase

Designed to provide information on thousands of health-related topics, this innovative decision-support tool lets you find the topics that interest you, and follow prompts to learn more about health conditions and various treatment options. To find more about Healthwise Knowledgebase, log on to Aetna Navigator.

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